Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Statesman of the Year...Gordon Brown...what!?

I don't think any of us can believe this so called award for Gordon Brown! Statesman of the year? I have always kept extreme bad language from this blog because I know who reads it.

I do believe that this award for Gordon Brown which he narrowly wins from Tony Blair Peter Mandelson and Jack Straw could be... arsehole of the decade! These people have ruined our country. They have clearly done it at the behest of bankers and media moguls.

They are for sale to the highest bidders and so are the Cabinet. It is absolutely extraordinary that none of the Gordon Brown/Tony Blair cabinets appear to be hindered by any form of conscience, They have all prospered to a huge degree from their position within the NoLab party. That makes them crooks in my eyes!

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