Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Big Questions - the EU!

Are you pro Europe or anti Europe because that is the major question that needs to be addressed now and today? I visited the blog of Nadine Dorries (Tory MP) today purely out of mischief because apparently she is sueing Dolly Draper(Galloway) and Damien McBride(late of 10 Downing Street but now not in any way connected to Gordon... of course).

Nadine is a colourful MP because she is strongly sceptical of the EU and yet she still poses as a Tory MP. It must be the money because none of the sceptical MPs dare raise their heads above the parapet and declare that the EU is an illegal and unelected group of people who are draining our country of much needed finance.

They are everywhere these European sceptics but none of them dare break ranks. They belong to the major Westmonster parties but they do not share the aspiration of their leaders. Our parliament is actually irrelevant because it is superceded by an unelected, unaudited union of people who have grouped together to rule Europe.

Why have we, the most long standing democracy in the western world, allowed ourselves to be duped by a gang of fraudsters who care not a jot for the British public? Why can the EU sceptics not unite across party boundaries to form an anti EU party? What is wrong with them?

We have, of course, never been allowed a vote on our membership of the EU. This is actually outrageous. It is akin to telling Adolf Hitler that he can invade our country that he can walk in and tell us all how to best lead our lives. For example let me introduce you to Catherine Ashton who is our European Commissioner. As I have said before good old Catherine has never had a vote cast for her. She is a product of the political class, a safe pair of hands, an alright member who is probably agreeabale to David Cameron and Nick Clegg. It must be so because they have not opposed her appointment.

It is my belief that every one of our parties is in league with the Euro fraud. In order to oppose this fraud the Euro sceptics must align together because if they do they will gain the public support. Sorry guys and girls but if you really want to retain your seats in Westmonster then gather together and reject the EU. It has to be done!

If they do not then fringe parties will fill the gap!

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