Wednesday, 9 September 2009

England - Fabio Capello..the future

Wow! We beat Croatia 5-1! Hell Croatia are in the world's top ten countries and we just stuffed them. This England team is a serious team folks. This team appears at last to have the manager who befits the talent. Fabio Cappello is at long last the manager who we have craved.

OK it is a shame that he is not English but as far as I am concerned he could be from planet Zog. If we can win the World Cup and we have to consider it, then he will be immortal. I think that he knows it. If people like Alex Ferguson can be knighted then what price the World Cup?

If Fabio Capello wins the World Cup for England then he will be more important than almost anyone other than the Queen. He could invent a political party which could threaten the Tories. Can you imagine ... vote Fabio... I really did save the world!
He could threaten Common Purpose... I was the man who made Lampard and Gerard world beaters!

This man has brought a level of man management to the England squad which is rarely seen in modern times. He is the boss and he appears to have the respect of all the world's most famous footballing millionaires.

How will the European Union, the NoLab government, the PC authorties cope with the victory of an England team? Let's face it England as a country is dead! We do not exist in Europe. We have been carved up regionally. We no longer have a voice. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland all have their own parliaments but what happens if we win the World Cup? Ah Ha ... we are still here... we are still a nation...England the lost nation has actually won the World Cup!

These guys are playing for possibly a lot more than purely football!

Politically this could be explosive! Come on England!

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