Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Leicestershire Police

There is a inquest currently being held in Loughborough which emphasises the attitude of the police and the local authorities to the lower end of the social spectrum. I have blogged many times that the people who need the most help are being left to fend for themselves and this case has illustrated the problem. It frankly disgusts me!

An honest if poor family who clearly physically and mentally needed assistance had been bullied for a very lengthy time by feral children on a housing estate. They begged for protection from the police and the local authorities who both ignored them. The police would not turn out because they are clearly scared of the youths. The authorities issued the usual, useless banning orders which are never enforced and are therefore ignored.

The upshot was that the mother took her daughter, set fire to her car and when it exploded they died. The coroner is apparently now trying to recover the facts. One fact is that the family rang for police assistance on 33 occasions and received nothing. I just hope that all the people who failed this family are deeply ashamed of themselves. The Chief Constable should resign because he/she must have approved the lack of effort to curb the activities of the youths who as usual will have been well known to them.

There is a culture within the police that they and should cosy up to the offenders as if they are all in the same crime club. They generally call them 'mate' and bend over backwards not to offend them. When a family outside of the crime club then ask for help the police know that it will be a problem so they ignore the request. It should cease but it will continue because the Political Class want it that way.

It is shameful!

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