Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Soundbyte Speech to the Desperate!

I cannot believe this soundbyte speech which he gave to the desperate activists that he has let down. They have been in power now for what... 13 years? They have absolutely wrecked our society and our economy and now he proposes plans to reverse some of the anti-social measures that he and his party have created.

It is unbelievable. Any thinking person who grew up in the nineteen fifties know what the problem is. We have become a society without a penalty for those who think that they can break the law. The young are out of our control. The families who breed the young are also out of our control. Gordon Brown has always announced his big plans but then he lacks the ability to carry them through.

You see, to implement Brown's plans, then the local authorities/police need money. Gordon Brown has spent all the money. He has sold off the gold reserves (at rock bottom prices) and he continues to throw money at Europe none of which we get back. We also prop up governments like Zimbabwe, Pakistan, India and China with huge sums which we entitle foreign aid. We are actually bribing these countries to remain friendly with us.

So I would applaud many of the initiatives which Gordon was announcing to a cheering audience of NoLab activists but one question remains...where is the money? How will he pay for his huge plans? Who will monitor the progress?

UPDATE: The proprietor of The Sun (Rupert Murdoch) has announced that Gordon Brown has lost the support of 'The Sun'. He is dead in the water then!

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