Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Baroness Scotland

The weasel wording used by Baroness Scotland to defend herself from breaking her own laws is bewildering. She phrased the law, she introduced it and then she broke it. She was well aware that she had to photocopy the evidence which would prove that her cleaner was living here legally.

Her failure to comply with the law demonstrates that she is not up to the job. She should therefore resign. She cannot be a law maker and a law breaker. Her failure to do the honourable deed also demonstrates the lack of integrity that almost all of Gordon Brown's closest allies regularly display. They show such a lack of honour that they would probably not meet the entrance criteria for the Mafia even though in all other aspects their tactics show a remarkable similarity.

Nobody has ever voted for Baroness Scotland so why is she there? Gordon Brown seems to have over three hundred useless MPs who are not fit to enter the Cabinet. We voted for them but all they seem to do is hang around gorging themselves at our expense. In the Cabinet running the country are a large collection of individuals who we have never been elected. Democracy? Yeah sure...democracy Brown style!
What an arrogant cow! She is claiming that her offence is similar to failing to pay the congestion charge! If that is the case then why did she frame the bill in the first place? We, a country in recession, are spending millions on illegal immigrants and now that she has been found out she claims that it is a trivial offence. It is not trivial. It demonstrates her total unsuitability for her position. She has let a lot of people down and I reckon that deep down she knows it.

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