Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Irish vote tomorrow!

There is a significant referendum being held tomorrow in Ireland. It has been virtually ignored by our mainstream media but this vote could have a calamitous effect on Europe. The Irish of course have already voted 'No' but that was not accepted by the unelected commissioners of Europe and now they have demanded a second referendum so that the Irish can get it right!

It is of course exactly how Europe has come to power. They are undemocratic and unaudited which of course makes them illegal but why worry about semantics when power is involved.

The Irish must then vote again and from what I see they have been bullied, threatened and cajoled into believing that they were wrong in the first place. These Celts however, are a strange race. They can be charming and they can be cruel but they are entirely unpredictable.#

I will be deeply disappointed if they renege on their first vote but then they have be cruelly bullied throughout history so perhaps this modern generation may succomb to the overtures from the bullies. Oh for a referendum here! What we could do given the chance, but they know it so we will never, ever get one.

If the Irish fail us then our only hope lies with the Czechs would you believe? They have doubts about this monstrous conglomorate of bankers, press barons and politicians. Remember Catherine Ashton is our sole European Commissioner and nobody has ever voted for her! Who is she I hear you ask? Exactly!

UPDATE; Sorry the Irish voted today but the sentiment remains.

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