Sunday, 6 September 2009

London Midland Railways

I cannot believe that London Midland Rail is cancelling trains on a Sunday because it cannot find sufficient drivers to man them! Now forgive me but I thought that the government franchise for these rail companies called for a seven day a week service. So is London Midland in breach of contract?

Frankly they deserve to lose it because any company who relies on volunteers to drive on Sundays is so inept and lacking in managerial nouse that they cannot begin to serve the public. Whatever happened to rosters?

I have no idea who in the chaotic world of NoLab is 'Transport' this week but I think a rather strongly worded memo should be despatched tout suite to London Midland suggesting that they extract their digits sharply or else there will be government action. It won't happen of course and I doubt if 'Transport' has even noticed but it's nice to remind oneself now and again what would have happened at one time.

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