Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Gordon Brown

I really cannot believe that this man is the Prime Minister of Great Britain. His round of televised interviews this morning was dramatic to say the least. First of all I was almost moved to applause when Sian Williams of the BBC would not let the PM off with his usual long winded rhetoric. She continually pressed him about how he is going to afford some of the promises in his speech.

He blustered as usual interrupting in his rude hectoring manner but she persisted and in the end he was so pleased to be out of it that he blundered past her in full view of the cameras.

Earlier SKY almost did a number on him because Adam Boulton got him so mad that he tried to walk away dragging his mike with him. The look he gave Adam Boulton was poisonous and the look on Kay Burley's face in the SKY studio was hilarious.

He doesn't seem to understand that the rubbish that he and Blair originally got away with has been exposed. His much vaunted reputation of financial wizardry has been stripped away and now his words are being scrutinised because we all know that he cannot be trusted.

Yesterday most of his speech dealt with repairing situations which NoLab caused in the first place. He seems to think that the public are as stupid as the NoLab members yesterday vainly trying to find something worthwhile to applaud. NoLab have been responsible for policies which have encouraged teenage pregnancies, violent yobs and drunken louts.

They wanted an intrusive and expensive ID card. They have allowed the bloated NHS to squander millions, signed our freedom away to Brussels and allowed mass uncontrolled immigration. Hardly anyone wanted Gordon Brown as PM. He got it because he demanded it and the weak NoLab party could not find the will to oppose him. They got what they deserved but we didn't and I suspect that we are now all enjoying Brown's discomfort.

An election cannot come soon enough.

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