Saturday, 26 September 2009

Law and Disorder

Not long after the Blair government took office a huge change began to take place in our society. The police were suddenly very reluctant to turn out against hooliganism and the law abiding citizen was suddenly left defnceless against young feral gangs.
How many times did we read about desperate homeowners and parents being kicked senseless when trying to protect their property or their kids? All too often!

I could never understand why the police had turned against the public but now I know the reson and so does everyone else. A Leicestershire Superintendent, when being questioned in the enquiry currently taking place at Loughborough into the suicide of the desperate mother who had been bullied, blurted out that the police no longer had responsibility for 'low-level' hooliganism! It is now apparently the responsibility of local councils! Can you believe that for a crass decision and why did nobody inform the public?

We have a huge pack of newspaper reporters whose job it is to report decisions which will affect the public and yet nobody made any reference to the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 which has changed the face of this country. This act handed over the hooligan problem to the local authority and at the same time introduced a sliding scale of penalties which would keep the hooligan out of prison.

The excuse for this betrayal of the public was that young people should not be criminalised too early in life! This is the reason that we have an epidemic of young offenders running around laughing at anyone who wants them reined in. What really annoys me is that the Tories must have known about this Act and have never flagged it up for immediate repeal if and when they come to power.

You see this is why I do not trust David Cameron. He has no plans to deal with the problems which have beset our country since Blair came into power. We desperately need a curb on immigration and a plan to root out the illegals. We need to tackle youth crime. We must get a grip on the horrendous booze culture which is destroying so many of our young people. Above all we must stop the social engineering and get education back on track.

This is why I have in the past written in support of the BNP. Yes I know about some of their extreme views on race but at least they have policies which would reverse the trends emanating from Europe. If we don't mend this country soon it won't be worth mending.

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