Thursday, 24 September 2009

Gordon Brown - National Embarassment!

I have never seen a Prime Minister of Britain grovel to be in the presence of an American President but it is quite clear that Gordon Brown is absolutely desperate to be seen close to Barack Obama. The television pictures are nauseating. He is a girning idiot pushing ever closer to the American President who constantly tries to ignore his presence.

It is sometimes difficult to ignore a problem child. Our countries are linked together by our linguistic and social histories but Barack Obama is an intelligent man and he must realise that our PM is a total liability. He is still the President of an independent country (unlike Gordon Brown) and he must realise that Gordon Brown is frankly (sorry folks) a total twat!

Gordon Brown has put the special relationship between America and Britain in jeopardy because he is simply not up to the job. He may have bullied and intimidated the NoLab MPs but he cannot apply his particular brand of political thuggery to the President of the United States. Barack Obama has summed him up. The body language is obvious. Gordon Brown is not on the White House Christmas card list...but then is he on anyone's Christmas card list?

Only Gordon knows why he is the PM. Only Gordon knows why he has abused the British political system. Only Gordon knows why he is crushing the Labour such an extent that they deservedly will be humiliated in any forthcoming election. Only Gordon knows why he won't resign...only God knows what legacy he will leave the country when we eventually get rid of him.


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