Thursday, 3 September 2009

Ever younger...ever more violent.

So the paths chosen by the Political Class over the past twenty years or more has led us to the point where ten year olds are trying to murder other ten year olds. Everyone in authority knew about these little thugs but as usual they were allowed to roam free and it nearly cost the lives of two innocents.

What I fail to understand is how far does this bestiality reach before the cretins in Westmonster decide to act. What is it going to take before an MP, any MP from any party, says 'enough is enough'? Society is sinking deeper and deeper into the mire but nobody appears to have the slightest idea how to reverse the trends which are seeing rotten young thugs from rotten, disgusting, families commit acts of such violence that they are almost beyond belief.

While Gordon and his Justice Minister (Ha!) Jack Straw struggle to cover up their activities in TripoliGate the most desperate acts of depravity are being committed by kids on a daily basis. We now have reports that two kids were plotting to murder their schoolmaters so that they would be famous for the worst atrocity in British schools.

Knives are now commonplace on our streets and so are guns (witness the Ryan Jones case in Liverpool) and yet still nobody comes up with the kind of plan that will put the fear of God up the youngsters. You see that is what it needs. They have no respect for anyone because nobody can hurt them. If you are reared in a filthy house by drunken, uncaring parents then how can they be punished? Life has already punished them.

We must discover something that will deter them. Our MPs must address this problem because unless they do then the next crime will be worse and the one after that still worse and then one day their kids will be the victims.

I am sure that I will be compelled to revisit this subject again but I have one suggestion which of course will be instantly rejected but we will one day have to bring back the birch. When that days arrives it will of course be far too late but it is a joke to suggest that an ASBO is a deterrent. Only pain will deter the type of little sod that I am talking about. One birch sentence would be worth a hundred ASBOs.

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