Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Baroness Scotland

I apologise for revisiting this subject but it is so important. She has been fined £5000 and yet she has never been in court. Who imposed this fine? The blogs and comments are full of it. She has broken the law and yet she does not visit a courtroom. Who pays the fine? Who ensures that the public do not pay the fine?

This NoLab cabal are obviously capable of any type of chicanery. They cheat at every opportunity and are shameless. We all know it and unless your very existance depends on the largesse of NoLab then they are finished. I honestly believe that they are finished for ever! It is the end of socialism because the people who have claimed to be socialists have been proven to be cheats, liars and thieves.

The party and the unions that, for example my father supported, have been subverted and destroyed. If Baroness Scotland is allowed to remain in position then every day that she remains will be a day that NoLab loses support. It is a scandal! Even the most intransigent old Labour supporter will realise that they have been sold down the river...and some!

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