Monday, 14 September 2009

Mandelsson, NoLab and Finance!

Ha! 'LORD' Mandelsson standing in front of the country Have you ever in your life heard such crap? The NoLab leadership totally and utterly down to Gordon Brown has left the country in such a dreadful state that it is indefensible. How can this ridiculous man remain in position? He has utterly ruined the country by his profligacy.

He built a reputation on his financial acumen and now we discover that this reputation was built on sand. He sold off all our assets to fund an unrealistic state. I blogged this eons ago; what would happen if Gordon Brown was wrong? Nobody seemed to twig that Gordon Brown was a charlatan. He conned everyone and continues to do so.

They are now backtracking on the Brown premise that he would not cut public spending and that the Tories would! It is obvious to a blind man (and Gordon Brown is half...oh forget it) that our public expenditure is out of control. NoLab have ruined our economy and frankly while we still pay our ridiculous contribution to the unaudited, unelected European Union then we will always have a problem.

On top of that all our Westmonster parties still insist that our Foreign Aid programme is 'ringfenced'! That means that we still pour money into Pakistan, China, India and gawd 'elp us Zimbabwe. We just cannot afford to bribe these countries any more. Enough is enough... Gordon Brown has ensured that we are now officially broke. We are now one of the 'poor' countries like the PIGS, you know Portugal, Italy, Grrece and Spain.

Is it not time that the European Union began to prop us up? We are broke! Our leaders have proven themselves to be incompetent, incorrect and incorrigible but they still throw our money away. When will we get some competent leadership? Don't look at the politicians in Westmonster... they won't so it because they value themselves before the country.

We crave leadership... where are you... when will you emerge... are we destined to the two party battle between the twin appeasers? They both want Europe, they both want Foreign Bribes... they both want high taxation and huge unemployment. I say this because they have no policies to avoid it Where is the original and innovative thinking? It must be somewhere but I guess it will be stiffled for the sake of the so called democracy we so value in this country.

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