Monday, 28 September 2009

Leicestershire Police and the Local Authorities

The jury in the despicable case where a woman killed herself and her disabled daughter after failing to receive any protection against constant threats from feral youths have returned the inevitable verdict. She was let down by everybody whose duty it was to protect her and her family.

It can bring no comfort to her family but this case could be a landmark in British Law. This illustrates without any argument that the police and the local authorities have abrogated their responsibilities. They are not defending the vulnerable members of society and we all know that this is far from an isolated instance.

Typically Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, has immdeiately jumped up screamimg 'Enquiry, Enquiry' but as we all know these enquries have in the past only been used to whitewash the problem and sweep it under the carpet. In this case it is so despicable that the guilty parties cannot be allowed to walk away. Of course the guilty parties are also the ones who have altered the role of the police and who have brought in acts like the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

The problem of the feral youths has got to be tackled. They can no longer be ignored. They have to be confronted but then what do we do with them? What can we do with them? They are usually uneducated and uncared for and have no aspiration whatsover. In the main they live in areas where frankly they have wrecked almost everything apart from the shops where they can buy their booze.

We have always believed that our country is one of the leading democracies in the western world and yet we are producing an ever increasing sub-culture which is an indictment on everyone. Who is going to tackle the problem? We never hear any innovative thinking from the likes of Ed Balls, Jack Straw, or any of the very many Home Secretaries who NoLab have appointed and sacked during their tenure in government.

This NoLab government has abandoned these people. I am now going to take a deep breath and get my thoughts in order and then I will suggest what should be done with them. We need a plan and I have got one!

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