Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Muslim Problem

No sooner had I published my last post than Sky News today showed film of 1000 Muslims rioting on the streets of Harrow in response to a small, legal and peaceful demonstration by Englishmen against the huge Muslim presence.

The demonstration was called off on police advice because the police knew that they could not cope with the sheer numbers ranged against them. I cannot understand why this show of force is not worrying our politicians. Believe me if we do not confront this aggression/show of might then we will live to regret it.

Our law enforcement forces must be in control at all times. If we have come to the point that they cannot cope then we will have to call on people who can cope. If not then it will be up the the citizens to confront these people and we all know what that means.

I hear rumours that soldiers are being asked if they would be prepared to shoot on the streets of Britain. I wonder why the question is being asked? Is it to prevent demonstrations by the indigenous population against the government or is it because people are worried about the might of the Muslims?

Whatever something has to be brokered to contain the Muslim problem in this country. Appeasement never works. Some of these Muslim youngsters are obviously spoiling for a fight. We must ensure that we persuade them that a fight is not a good idea. Does anyone know how we can do that?

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