Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Blogosphere

Every now and then there are days when the blogs start buzzing and todat was one of them. Apparently there are reports that a new boook is being published tomorrow which will make very difficult reading for the NoLab party. It has been kept secret and is to be serialised tomorrow by a national newspaper. I hope that it will embarrass as many people as possible because one day the truth about these NoLab leaders will emerge and it will not be pretty.

In addition the Tongan cleaner who has caused Baroness Scotland such embarrassment is apparently in the clutches of Max Clifford! He would not have her in tow if there was not money to be made. I suspect that this could finish the noble Baroness altogether. Already there are doubts about the background of the cleaner's husband and his own immigration status. I look forward to more revelations.

I also stumbled across a site called the 'Daily Mash'. It is hilarious. It is utter rubbish but based on current themes in the press. The writer is a comic genius and I found myself laughing out loud. The Daily Mash is certainly worth a visit.

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