Monday, 21 September 2009

The Club Bowls Gala

Yesterday my local bowls club held its annual gala. A bowls gala is a test of stamina even for it's President. I had to keep things moving throughout the day and ensure that the visitors and of course our own members had a great day.

First and foremost the weather was fantastic. Midway through September we had a cloudless sky and is was a real wonder. Everybody turned up but then our generation know what the word commitment means. All around us there is madness but we continue as we always have. Bowls Galas are mandatory. People like Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair do not affect or even understand Bowls galas. Eventually they will try to ban them, of course they wiil, but our elderly society remains unaffected by all the madness which surrounds them.

I am awaiting for the assault on our pensions. It is bound to happen. We are the generation which saved and planned for our old age. Few of us were reckless and most of us led decent lives. We are therefore the most vulnerable. NoLab will never recognise our contribution to society because they have squandered our inheritance, and our legacy for our grandchildren.

Our Bowls Gala is one of the last remnants of our British society. I nearly said English but the Scots, Welsh and Irish also play bowls. It is one of the last remnants of our indigenous, white society. That means of course that eventually if the local bowls club cannot attract a Muslim member then they will cease to exist!

So... if there is a Muslim equivalent of David Bryant in any of our local mosques (and we have plenty) please come to our club. You must remember however, that honesty, integrity and fair play will remain paramount. Bowls is not a business deal. Bowls is a game where the best player wins and not the best cheat. If you win at bowls then you are the best player and not the best cheat (Stephen Smith of Quorn Mills Bowls Club) please note!!!

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