Sunday, 6 September 2009

Gordon Brown

I suspect that the men in grey suits are currently deciding the fate of Gordon Brown. There are enough rumours buzzing around the blogosphere about the state of his mental health that it smacks of the beginning of a campaign. I have always been convinced that Gordon would never fight a General Election. NoLab know that if he does it is likely that they will be slaughtered.

They must find a way to be rid of him and this health scare could be the ideal ruse. They don't have anyone to replace him but it doesn't really matter because once he has gone they can blame him for everything!

In the meantime he continues to blunder around. His latest gaffe I hear is referring to our world champion female cyclist as Veronica Singleton when her real name is Victoria Pendleton. I is so funny...but this man is our Prime Minister!
Pour me another drink...!!

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