Friday, 25 September 2009

President's Day

On Sunday I host my first (and possibly last) President's Day for my local bowls club. It is really a big deal for me because I want to mark my Presidency with a touch of originality.

I have been supported by all of my friends and I hope that everyone will enjoy the day. It is the very end of the season and It has been a good and profitable season.
We have actually won nothing but the spirit in the club is fantastic. We have in the last few years recruited some bowlers who are potentially very good.

I believe that my club is on the brink of big things but we must just convince the bowlers. We have a takeover in the club and that is normal for a bowls club. We have younger people who are ambitious and talented. I will not preempt my AGM speech but there are talented people waiting in the wings and we must give them an opportunity.

The game of bowls is ideal for the elderly but it is also a medium for the past competitor. The person who reaches the age of forty and now realises that they need to rediscover their ambition.

I have surprises in store and I hope that it works!

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