Monday, 31 August 2009

Out of the loop!

I know that the opposition are all on holiday sunning themselves in the exclusive resorts of the world but I am a little surprised that they have not taken time out to comment on the antics of the government following the release of the Lockerbie bomber. They really should be challenging the lack of integrity of the Blair gang but then perhaps they are all in the same club. I have often suspected that.

The one guy who may actually be out of the loop is Gordon. He never was a Blair gang member (rather the opposite) and it would appear that the Libyan connection was set up by Tony and Mandy and they were backed up by Jack Straw. This is the team that has been behind all the jiggery pokery of the recent years.

Maybe they don't tell Gordon anything. Perhaps that is why he has been so quiet. How can he comment when he's not sure what's going on? After all Gordon was so bad that they had to bring Mandy back from Europe to prop him up. I keep having this vision of a telephone conversation between Tony and Mandy:-

M: Hello mate Gordon's been on the phone again.
T: What did he want?
M: He wanted to know what was going on with your mate Ghaddafi.
T: You didn't tell him anything did you?
M: Naw he'd only cock it up.
T: Good tell Jack to keep quiet too. It will soon all die down and then we can carve up the proceeds. This deal will pay for your next house mate.
M: Guess what Gordon has just done?
T: He's not been picking his nose in public again?
M; No he dashed over to Afghanistan to piss David Cameron off.
T: And...?
M: He allowed himself to be interrogated by a squaddie about why they pay taxes when they are on active service.
T: What a prat! He should know by now that we never have contact with the public.
M: Too true mate..remember when I got green paint poured over me...see you soon buddy when you become President of Europe.
T: Yeah too true it's in the bag but don't tell Gordon or he'll do something to bugger it up.

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