Thursday, 17 September 2009

Baroness Scotland

Ha! Hoist petard by own your! This government Minister who, by the way, nobody has ever voted for, has been employing an illegal immigrant as a cleaner. Now according to her own laws if you employ an illegal immigrant then you must ensure that he/she has the correct clearance and you must also verify that clearance.

We all await with baited breath the proof that Baroness Scotland has that her cleaner was a legitimate employee. She made the rule and now she must abide by it. Frankly she is stuffed but...hold on, she has the full confidence of no less than the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and wait for it ...Keith Vaz. Well that's alright then... but er can we please see the proof?

STOP PRESS: She apologises! Yeah right then...everything that applies to everyone else is now going to be swept under a murky carpet. She brought this act in. She personally was responsible for this law! She had to realise that she was, shall we say...whiter than white! If she does not have the proof then she should resign.

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