Monday, 14 September 2009

Admin errors!

On 25 August I posted an insignificant little post about the number of administrative errors that are making life a misery for so many people. They appear to be prevalent in the Civil Service and government departments because the people working in these departments have adopted a culture where frankly very little matters apart from the ability to smile sweetly and make excuses for incompetence.

Nobody is nasty anymore, nobody checks anything and nobody takes responsibility. If a person is seen to be hopeless they are just shifted (nicely) to a more menial task. The managers, supervisors and team leaders are therefore losing their ability to man-manage, organise and frankly set an example.

I well remember my manager in my latter days in the Civil Service arriving earlier than usual one morning. I was the only person fielding the phone calls but she received a request for someone in her section to help with incoming mail. As I was the only person in the section I got the job. I didn't bother explaining that at that very moment I had 'freed' the phones and she was about to be besieged with calls from interpreters all over the country with excuses for not attending their court appointments that day. When I got back forty minutes later she was almost having a seizure! Every phone was ringing off the hook and she had learned a very valuable lesson.

The point of this post is that at this very moment all over the country 'A' level students are waiting for their university grants to arrive. Most of them have been ludicrously underpaid and are panicking because an authority called Student Finance England cannot cope.

I will bet that this body is stuffed full of people with degrees who have not got a clue how to get themselves out of the mess that they have created. Every day they will arrive at work neatly groomed, cleavage showing and smiling sweetly while they ruin the lives of their young clients and nobody will give a damn!

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