Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Economy

If Gordon Brown's plan to save the world (Sorry I was watching Parliamentary Question Time today) fails then what happens to our economy? He tells us that he is leading the world with his plans to borrow wildly in order to stimulate our ecomomy. Gordon says that everybody in the world agrees with his plan for fiscal stimulation and that he is leading the way.

I cannot compehend how a country like ours has to borrow so much just to keep pace with his spending. Surely it is time to curb government spending? Hell by all accounts we are in serious trouble and when our banks start to fail then it is time to be prudent.

If 'Prudence' Brown, remember the guy who was against 'Boom and Bust', had any credibility left he would limit government expenditure. The problem is that he can't limit government expenditure because he is committed to the New Labour Project which frankly will wreck out economy but will achieve their aims.

We continue with unrealistic foreign aid, we continue with huge financial support for the unauditable European Union and therefore we must continue to fund unelected committees, trusts and bodies who's sole aim is to ensure that government commitments and directives are delivered on time.

OK if you swallow all that bilge and many do, can I just ask you to note that the Germans (you know the ones who bombed our chip shops!) actually do not agree that borrowing our way out of our problems is the right road. They are spitting mad that the UK is following this idiotic policy. Gordon has answered by ignoring the Germans and not inviting them to a summit with the French and the Spanish leaders.

A European Union? A responsible fiscal policy? Yeah right! Get ready to be very poor!

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