Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Church of England

Apparently yesterday in a Sunday newspaper five Bishops from the Church of England got together to denounce Gordon Brown and his policies! Well welcome, welcome, to the real world the clergy. Where have you been for the past so many years when the blogosphere has grown to epidemic proportions demanding that someone, anyone in authority (and the Church of England has authority) protest against the NoLab policies.

We all recognise the estates in every town and city in our country where the thugs, terrorists, hoodies and scum are spawned but where is the Church of England? They do not exist where they need to exist and they have been replaced by countless individuals fighting against impossible odds to bring some semblance of dignity to these hard pressed communities.

The Church of England is a political force which is outdated and out of touch. They care not a jot for the people who need them because they all worship at the temple of King Gordon Brown who has corrupted them.

The real Christians, the people who believe in the teachings of the bible, have been driven to small groups hiding in their homes and halls scared to denounce the lunacy of same sex marriages, sex out of marriage and hell just sex, anywhere, anytime and with anyone!

If they wish to bring their children up in a Christian way of life then they come face to face with the devil. Step forward Ed Balls who single handedly destroys all things decent. If Ed has his way then families would be abolished in favour of any old kind of relationship.

Well yes the teenage boy welcomes this kind of relationship but then it should not become government policy. If this government had any semblance of decency left they would reward stable marriages but dream on because they oppose all kinds of normal decency.

So the Church of England wants to criticise Gordon Brown? Well how about preaching the immorality of the government from the pulpit? Denounce the son the of manse as the son the devil! This is what England has become. It is an utter disgrace but then who cares as long as Gordon is Prime Minister. That after all is all that matters.

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