Thursday, 18 December 2008

Colin Stagg

I must admit that after 20 years of work for the Intelligence Corps in the seventies and eighties I often wince at the so called investigative methods of the modern police force. I am currently watching the documentary on the arrest of Colin Stagg and hard on top of the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes I have to conclude that our law enforcement officers cannot be trusted.

They are no longer accountable to the public and cannot be trusted. The case of Colin Stagg is a stain on our country and is testimony to the corruption that exists in the police force and generally in our country. The police are of course backed up by our horrendous political system. Those of us who actually think about the justice system in this country realise that it has been devalued and now cannot be trusted to dispense justice.

In a very short time it has been proven that our police force is out of control and must be brought to account. I am sick of these people making such horrendous mistakes and then thinking that an apology is sufficient. These Chief Constables purely apologise and then retreat to their mansions in the country; these people should be dragged before our courts of law and be made to explain how they got it so wrong. How many people have recently been killed by the police? They are out of control and are enacting the events which we see generally on Hollywood film scripts.

The life of Colin Stagg, an ordinary man, who was unattractive to females but who loved his dogs, has been ruined by our police force. I hope they really feel proud of themselves! Bastards!

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