Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Honours List

As it is New Year's Eve I thought I'd finish the year in a manner that would gain the approval of my dear brother Victor. I always thought that the Honour's List was meant to reward people who had done something for the community or something that was outstanding.

Since NoLab have come to power they have abused this system shamefully and used it to reward their own supporters and court popularity from the masses. The mass handout of gongs to sportsmen who have already achieved their aims by winning individual gold medals is in my opinion a mistake.

I was always taught throughout my military career that you get paid for doing your job but you get promoted for what you do outside of your job. That means that I cannot agree with knighthoods for the likes of Chris Hoy or Alex Ferguson. In contrast however Ian Botham earned his for his magnificent fundraising for leukaemia never mind that he one of the greatest all round cricketers that the country has ever produced.

I love my sport and fully recognise that Chris Hoy in gaining three individual gold medals at one Olympics achieved an extraordinary feat but that is all it is. He seems a really decent guy but let us see first what he can achieve in the long term before we bestow the country's highest honour on him.

As for Ellie Simmons, well much as we all love this little fighter, I still think that her honour was a gimmick. The kid did not even realise the significance of it. She is at the beginning of her young life. I am sure that she will achieve a great deal but an honour like that at 14 is too much too soon.

Sorry folks but I didn't like this Honour's List at all apart from the lack of bankers and city types. I suspect that was more to do with The Queen than the government!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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