Friday, 12 December 2008

NoLab sleaze

Well not a bad day really. The jury at the inquiry into the death of Jean Charles Menezes returns an Open verdict which means that they didn't believe a word of the evidence given by the police.

The Home Office releases statistics indicating that knife crime was down but then the report had not been finally checked by its author and so it had not been authorised for publication.

The Manchester public vote against a compulsory vehicle charge for their city which is a victory for the people. Why should motorists pay even more to use the roads? It just shows Gordon what happens when the people are given a vote.

It is a mirror on the world imposed on us by NoLab polticians. I have never blamed the people who actually shot the unfortuate Brazilian beause I am sure they seriously believed that everyone was in danger. I cannot condone them for telling porkies in court though because the damage had been done. The people who were really to blame were the surveillance team who did not identify him correctly and the command and control group who had not circulated decent photographs to the teams on the ground and who then compounded the error by their lack of communication skills. I am sure though that they will all be celebrating this Christmas leaving behind their awful mess until the next time.

The Home Secretary blunders from error to error purely because she is not up to the job. She must be so desperate for some good news that she grabbed part of a report which had not been finalised and claimed that knife crime was down. Basically she broke quite an important rule but then when has that ever mattered to NoLab.

Will it ever get any better? Probably not because if you break the rules and tell lies then most of the time you will eventually get found out. Unfortunately it has now become routine for NoLab politicians and their officers so it is no surprise that the public don't believe a word that they say.

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