Friday, 5 December 2008

The Sub Culture

On 25 November I wrote about the kids who bring head lice into schools and how nobody seems to do anything to help them. I have since been told that I forgot the 'worms' which are once again passed from kid to kid in the classroom. Everybody knows who the kids are who bring them into the school. Some of the poor mites can barely articulate at the age of five.

Now please do not tell me that the friends, family and more importantly the school who were familiar with poor little Sharron Matthews did not know that her mother was an uncaring slob. So why didn't someone do something about it? Well former neighbours say they did but nobody bothered to follow it up effectively. This once again lays the fault at the feet of the Social Services and I have no doubt that they are probably following a set of flawed guidelines. However is it hardly surprising because the sub culture which is breeding very quickly on the rundown council estates is growing at an alarming rate.

You see them everywhere, young pregnant girls with unwashed hair and a couple of mucky kids puffing on cigarettes buying booze from the supermarkets. If a passing Social Worker did a spot check on the kids there would probably be a myriad of problems.

What I don't understand is that no politician is addressing the problem. Nobody has any ideas to try and reverse the trend which has been growing for the past thirty years. The women who have large families by different men survive on the money that they get for being a baby factory. They live in dwellings which they were granted for being pregnant! It must stop. Somebody must bite the bullet and come up with some form of incentive to stop the women from breeding. The money must cease after say two kids. If they do not get the money then they won't bother having the kids.

We now hundreds of grandmothers in their early thirties. All around them is squalor and more and more these cases are being picked up by the mainstream media. They are horrific but we seem to be getting immune to it. Only when cases like 'Baby 'P' and Sharron Matthews hit the headlines are we horrified but it is happening all around us and we just shut our eyes and hope that they will disappear back to their squalid little homes so that we can forget their existence.

The police are not on the steets anymore, the teaching profession is scared of its own shadow, the health officials are so busy being 'nice' that these poor kids are just left until they reach puberty where they can start the whole cycle off again.

It is a national disgrace!


russt said...

Now 'listen again' to Will Self, on BBC Radio 4's From Fact to Fiction.

What the hell have we done?

Lola said...

When we create a State apparatus that is supposed to care for us from the cradle to the grave, neighbours no longer need to worry. They can pass by safe in theknowledge that someone else is doing something about it, which of course they aren't.

There is a direct correlation between the rise of the nanny state and the increasing abrogation of neighbourliness.

bryboy said...

I think the problem is that we are far too civilized. The French (bless'em) get themselves onto the streets to protest but it is a very unEnglish thing to do. We wait for five years to vote for 'take it' or 'leave it'. Our whole system needs changing but unless we are prepared to be some sort of 'activist' then nothing will change.