Wednesday, 31 December 2008


I have just seen the hugest firework demonstration ever in London! Now I have to ask who has paid for this nonsense? Has this now become a competition to see which capital city can outdo the next in their welcome to the New Year?

We are in a credit crunch brought about by bad government and yet they still scream and shout about fireworks which cost millions!

I live next door to Loughborough University and boom at every opportunity off go the fireworks! Don't get me wrong fireworks have their place and can be beautiful and spectacular but when our country is on the brink of bankruptcy I cannot rejoice. Fireworks do not replace common sense and cannot disguise the abject misery which many of our citizens will greet this New Year which could be a real challenge for so many.

Sorry to pour such cold water on the nation's great celebration but we cannot let fireworks distract us from the problems ahead. Tomorrow (today) we possibly face the greatest challenge that our once great nation has ever faced. How do we get back on track?

This government must realise that when the credit crunch happens on their watch then they are to blame. We must therefore curb Public Spending. We must also limit foreign aid and inform the European Union that their policy of redistribution of wealth now means that they owe us!

I will also repeat that the baton of Helmand Province should be passed on to someone else as quickly as we explode the next firework. So who wants the baton of Afghanistan you friends of Europe... is it you France or you Germany, perhaps Spain or even Greece... yeah now I know why Gordon scuttled away so quickly to sign our freedom into the hands of cowards. If Afghanistan is so important that it costs the lives of the cream of our crop then where are the rest?

Our troops are in Afghanistan purely to suit the ambitions of this NoLab government and never forget it!

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