Thursday, 4 December 2008

Foreign Aid

I read today that we are pouring aid into Zimbabwe to assist their fight against cholera. I cannot believe that in this age of the credit crunch when our own pensioners are struggling with their household bills that this government believes that handing money to Robert Mugabe will help his people. Are they mad?

After all we have David Milliband (last seen waving a banana at the press) as our Foreign Secretary. I would imagine that our allies (do our allies matter any more now that we are ruled by Europe) just laugh at this clown. The only reason that we are respected in this world is that we scatter foreign aid around the world like confetti. This is in an age when we have a credit crunch. Countries like Zimbabse and Pakistan ceased to be our problem years ago. They kicked us out! Why should we pour money into Robert Mugabes' coffers because as sure as eggs are eggs he will squander it!

It will NEVER get to the people who need it but then why should that matter?

Don't get me wrong I suffer alongside the poor people who have been so let down by successive British governments. They did however vote to kick us out and we cannot possibly be responsible for that. When we left Zimbabwe then that was it! We no longer had a responsibilty for the people who remained. Why do we still give this country aid because they are a responsibility of Africa.

The same has to be said for Pakistan. Why do we give money to Pakistan? This country has no love for anything British. They hate us! In my opinion the Pakistanis hate everybody but that is another question.

This is the legacy of NoLab and why we have so little money for the people who matter in this country. They just fritter it away on liberal causes because they want money and hope that these countries will respect Gordon Brown!

Yeah right!

Gordon we cannot afford to give money to countries like Pakistan and Zimbabwe! Guess what? They hate us! The money that you give them will never,ever get to the people that need it. How about redirecting it to the people who really need it, the
citizens of Britain!

In these really difficult times we should inform countries liked Zimbabwe and Pakistan that the well has run dry. If they want British subsidies then they should generally act like civiilised countries and if they don't then they can fund themselves!

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