Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Welfare State

OK we all agree that this government has to do something to curb the abuse of the Welfare State because so much money is being poured into a black hole without anyone calling the recipients to account. We are supposed to be a compassionate society but so many people have abused the system that something has to happen.

For a short period of time I worked at a Job Centre. I cannot pretend that it was a pleasurable experience but what it did do was expose me to the nonsense which this government has instigated in their insistence that government targets must be met. For example every person who gets a job as a direct result of a Job Centre advertised position is proclaimed as a positive outcome.

Every effort is made to achieve these positive outcomes. I know because I was on the team that had to follow them up. They were so desperate to achieve these positive outcomes that they will accept anything. For example an indolent cleaner who knew how to play the system had fourteen positive outcomes in one year. When I pointed this out I was ignored. The tales I could tell about the JobCentre!

So what we want to know is how will we monitor the effect of the governments newly proposed welfare proposals. I will almost guarantee that the people who seriously need the money will be penalised and the scumbags will find a way around the problem. If they don't then the crime rate will steeple because if we don't give the scumbags state money then they will attack the elderly and vulnerable. After all what is to stop them? The police are not fit for purpose when it comes to protecting the public so once the scumbags lose their money they will simply attack those who have it.

I really hope that I am wrong.

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