Monday, 29 December 2008

Community Service for Knife Crime!

So the government today announced 'tough' new measures to combat knife crime. Firstly if someone is convicted of carrying a knife they COULD face a custodial sentence or they COULD face up to EIGHTEEN hours of community service! Wow! That harsh? This should really get the Liberal namby pamby touchie feely crowd out onto the streets protesting about government brutality!

I can hardly believe the audacity of this crowd of F****** idiots! What do they really think these measures will combat? The type of person who carries and uses a knife is hardly scared of community service! These people are so impervious to human feeling that only the threat of physical pain will halt the march of the knife. I am afraid that this government and it is not just the government it is also the opposition, have no idea how to reverse the trends that they have encouraged.

Many of the BLOGS are, during this festive season, predicting the future. Well the future is not rosy that is for sure. I just wonder how low we will have to sink before the British public will get really pissed off.

Gordon Brown hysterically called on the Dunkirk spirit to get us through the credit crunch which he helped to create. He has spent a lifetime trying to get rid of the Dunkirk spirit so that the working class would have to rely on him and people like Ed Balls for their common sense. Sorry Gordon you killed the Dunkirk spirit many years ago so can we hear your next bright idea!

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