Monday, 1 December 2008

Haringey Council

Well they are now all gone! The hierarchy who ignored their responsibilities that brought about the deaths and torture of little children have gone. Tonight I see Ed Balls on television, in my opinion, going through the motions. Once again we have a few people who have followed NoLab doctrine and dogma going to the wall. They are resigning only because they followed the instructions of their political masters.

These people are terrified of defying any aspect of the guidelines set down by NoLab. One cannot really blame people who have been offered six figure salaries to carry out the policies of Gordon Brown and Ed Balls. Sharon Shoesmith was not to blame for this catastrophe apart from the fact that she sold her soul to the devil!

If you do that then you can expect anything that you get but more and more decent people are accepting indecent salaries to carry out the policies of Gordon and Ed. It must be a huge temptation to sell your soul to NoLab. Times are tough and it must be a real temptation to take an easy road to prosperity.

We are under attack like never before. We need to reward integrity but NoLab would not even recognise the word.

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