Tuesday, 30 December 2008

My Nightmare!

All the Blogs are doing their annual predictions which are of course good fun. Last year when I began this Blog I had lots of ideas but the main one was to keep things simple. I have made mistakes, for example Kirsty Milczarek did not become a great jockette but decided instead to link up with disgraced champion jockey Keiron Fallon for what reason we will yet discover, but then he is a very rich man.

I also thought that Nacer Barasite, a Dutch starlet from Arsenal,would become a great star for Derby County but he has remained static. Somehow I think that his lack of progress was down to Paul Jewell. We will have to wait and see.

I got a lot of things right. NoLab have continued to renege on any socialist principles and the European Union have continued to attack England on all sides. Families are still undervalued, the Police have still been corrupted and there is still nobody in this former great country who has sufficient integrity, honesty and charisma to lead us out of the mess. Have we actually got a politician who is not contaminated by power? Will we ever find one?

I do not look forward to 2009 because I never thought that this once great country would be in such a state. I have this ongoing nightmare that we have been destroyed. My nightmare is that everything that was once regarded as being British/English will be been taken from us. Even now I believe that the democratic principles of the next election are being undermined by NoLab.

My nightmare is that Gordon Brown will start printing money like Robert Mugabe has done. The economy will eventually collapse and we will all go to hell in a handcart!

The nightmare continues that Gordon will not hold an election in 2009 and by the time that he is actually forced to go the polls then everything will be fixed to ensure a NoLab victory. The postal votes will indicate that NoLab have thousands of Muslim votes which will ensure that they remain in power.

My nightmare predicts the collapse of decency in the country to such an extent that any Christian principle will be declared outlawed and unnecessary. Marriage will be regarded as a frivolous extravagance and the state will ensure that all children will be educated according to the needs of the state.

The Police will become storm troopers apeing the dress and manners of the Hitlerite brown shirts or the Gestapo. They will shoot innocent citizens and then be found innocent.

Nobody will be found guilty of war crimes even if they have ordered a nation's Armed Forces to invade a foreign country on the premise of a tissue of lies. The reason for this is that we do not have a person in the legal system of sufficient integrity to challenge the people who did it!

I have just woken up to the fact that I have been having a nightmare. My goodness thank the Lord that anything that I dreamt could not possibly happen. This is Britain after all and we have assurances that our democracy could never be violated.


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