Saturday, 6 December 2008

The Banking Bill

Guido Fawkes has flagged up an item which should be concerning all of us and is already being followed up on other blogs. This government has introduced an amendment to the Banking Bill of 1844. This Bill in simplistic terms seems to govern how much money we actually release into the community.

The government (Darling and Brown) have apparently introduced an amendment to the Bill which has kept the country on a level track for 164 years. They want to abolish the principle that the amount of money coming off the presses each week should be published so that our economy does not descend into the gutter like for example the economy of Zimbabwe.

Why do they want to do that? Why destroy a principle which has served us so well for so long? I am beginning to think that these people are becoming desperate and that really worries me. Are they really planning to print more money than is appropriate to keep our economy stable.

Can it get any worse? I guess so.

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