Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Human Rights Act

Jack Straw got banner headlines yesterday when he criticised the Human Rights Act and stated that we have got to change it as it is not working properly. I thought this was really decent of him after something like ten years of British injustice largely due to lawyers (like Cherie Blair) who found loopholes in it so that criminals could not be effectively punished and illegal immigrants who commit crime could not be sent home. If my memory serves me correctly it was Jack Straw who introduced it in the first place.

However, he stopped short of saying what he wanted to do and when he would do it. Jack Straw you see is very good at soundbytes. He has been doing it all through his political life. He has held all of the important and influential positions and has yet to make a success of any of them. He just seems to bounce around the cabinet breezing from position to position and fouling up everything that he touches. You can be assured that Jack Straw will do nothing to change anything but will continue to grovel to the Muslim voters in Blackburn who keep him in parliament.

David Cameron on the other hand says that he will do something about it and proposes abolishing the European Human Rights Act and replacing it with a British Bill of Rights. He alleges that this will be part of the battleground for the next election. I certainly hope so because I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the inability of the Tories to hurt this despicable government fatally despite having every opportunity to do so. I really thought that some of them would have the guts to really attack The Speaker and the government over the Damian Green affair but the attack fizzled out as usual allowing the govenrment to fall back on their Committee of enquiry answer to everything.

I really despair of anything happening which the man in the street requires to make his life even slightly more agreeable.

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