Monday, 1 December 2008

The Speaker and NoLab

The royalty of the blogosphere are breaking information about a meeting between Harriet Harman, the Speaker and sundry other NoLab types as they try and prepare a response to the outcry following the arrest of Damien Green. Both Ian Dale and Guido Fawkes have a leaked document on their sites which confirms that no members of the opposition have been invited to this meeting.

Our democratic principles emphasise that the Speaker should have no political alignment when dealing with the affairs of Parliament. Now of course we all know that Speaker Martin has continually demonstrated that neutrality is an alien concept to him and this has demeaned an office which has remained above party politics for centuries.

Now I am getting to the stage where I do not trust any aspect of NoLab politics. They seem to have lost all sense of propriety and direction. They are staggering from one crisis to another and the country is collapsing as a result. Their idealistic dogma is destroying everything we hold dear from 'Baby P' to the pound sterling.

I do find it strange however that the letter detailing the meeting between Harriet Harman and The Speaker has been leaked to the two principle bloggers in the country. I hope thast this is not another example of the filth that British politics has become since NoLab came to power.

If it is not a trick then it is proof that this government is hanging onto power for all the wrong reasons and in addition they are subverting democracy. I never thought that I would live to see the day that a political party in this country would ignore all the democratic principles upon which this country was founded.

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