Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Electorate

We currently have the worst government that I can ever remember and at my age I have seen a few. Not only are they responsible for our disastrous economy but they are also responsible for so much incompetence that at every level we are plunging down international league tables.

They do not appear to have any original policies. Much of what they try to implement are policies that they have stolen from elsewhere. Generally their answer to a problem is to throw money at it, our money and of course that is never the solution.
It is quite clear that they are utterly hopeless, dishonest to the point of being almost criminal and frankly they should never command another vote!

And yet...and this is the point of this post... thousands still appear to want to vote for them. The polls, which are of course not always without bias, indicate that the Tories are not too far ahead. Some people even believe that this PM is best placed to steer our economy out of the recession! What? Are they serious? He has caused it. Read any of the genuine economists and they will tell people who and what is behind the problem. Some of it came from America which cannot be denied but most of it came from our unregulated Banking Industry and a government which encouraged everyone from students to pensioners to get themselves heavily into debt.

I cannot believe it when Gordon Brown stands up in Parliament and trumpets the mantra 'Not me guv" but so many people still believe him. So many people believe this man despite all the evidence that he is an incompetent charlatan. He stands up in Parliament and even looks shifty, he refuses to answer questions, he disappears at a time of crisis and he is now being attacked from abroad. There is little doubt that Peter Mandelsson was brought back into the government to save Gordon Brown's skin.

So why do people still vote Labour? Well I have a theory which is bound to be unpopular but what the hell. Part of their vote comes from the people they employ. Many thousands depend on NoLab for their jobs. Since they came to power NoLab have created a myriad of non jobs for people who only have to ensure that NoLab targets are met. Many of these people are paid huge salaries for their non contribution to the economy so it is no surprise that they want to maintain their standard of living.

The immigrant population are also a large part of NoLab's supporters. They obviously believe that they are here because of NoLab's reluctance to restrict entry into this country. If you have gained entry to this wonderful welfare state that you have actually contributed nothing to but receive everything from, then of course you want it to continue. I can understand that.

The people I cannot understand are the ignorant. The hundreds of thousands who turn up on polling day having never read a newspaper, never watched a news broadcast or never given a tuppenny damn for a political system which lets them down. They don't care about their kids, their health, or their legal rights because they do not want to think about anything remotely demanding any semblance of logical thought.

I can understand the 'chav' class voting NoLab but frankly I don't think they will get out of bed to vote but the Trade Union people are the problem. They have no reason to support NoLab because NoLab have no socialist principles whatsoever and that is why I call them NoLab. The faithful Labour supporters like my late father, for example, were class warriors who had a cause to believe in. Today Gordon Brown and before him Tony Blair (backed up by Peter Mandelsson) created New Labour to appeal to the middle class electorate. They knew that they would never gain power by remaining loyal to the working class. They also knew that the working class vote was ensured.

So what have we today? We have NoLab for the middle classes, the Tories for the upper classes and nobody representing the vast majority of working class. They pay their union subs every month and get nothing in return. Have they not learned from the antics of people like John Prescott?

So there you have it. A huge element of the electorate of modern Britain are actually being exploited by NoLab because NoLab know that their votes are ensured. They are ensured because the people concerned are so brainwashed not to think about politics that they automatically walk down to to the polling stations and vote Labour. They do that because they would feel ashamed to vote for any other party because their Dad and Grandad voted Labour!

Well folks I am afraid that you will have to think about it. It is not enough to vote for the party that your dad voted for because they have changed their policies. NoLab do not believe in Keir Hardie they only want power! OK they can have their power but after ten sodding pitiful years even the people who pay their union subscriptions must realise that they are being taken for a ride.

They have now turned their attention onto the very people who they have helped to create. They are threatening to withdraw benefits from the workshy and the disabled. Hell the workshy are unemployable. The girls who we have encouraged to lie on their backs and enjoy their benefits are a policy of NoLab. The disabled will probably be the ones who will ultimately suffer because I doubt if this crowd can effectively discriminate between those who are seriously in need and those who can work on the black economy.

Perhaps we should have an intelligence test for the electorate. Perhaps we should ask a few simple qustions to establish if the person who is voting has a brain! We should possibly determine that the voter has thought about his/her vote because frankly so many of them don't.


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bryboy said...

Pollicino, I visited your blog and all I have to say is that we are not on the same planet! Even given the fact that I don't understand Italian we are poles apart! That doesn't mean that you do not have a place in the blogosphere. Your blog was an education for me!!