Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Queen's Speech

At the moment the PM is on his feet trying to make progress on his address following the The Queen's Speech. Earlier he was flayed alive by David Cameron who smashed into him on every conceivable level. It was a truly magnificent speech from a man who makes Brown look what he is - an imposter. He particularly attacked the record of this government at proposing short term policial measures which have cost a lot of money and achieved nothing.

Since the PM got on his feet he has been disrupted by Tory MP after Tory MP wanting to know his own personal view on the arrest of Damien Green and as usual his only mantra is to fall back onto the excuse that he has set up yet another enquiry. He parrots the same old lame excuses and still won't give a straight answer.

None of them have yet had the guts to go the whole way. They are still treating him with too much reverence. The Speaker continually interrupts to save him the bashing that he should be getting.

During his speech David Cameron was challenged to say what measures he would take to aid the economy and off the cuff he came up with five major actions which would stimulate the economy. Brown has just accused them of being the 'do nothing' party. It is an utterly shameful performance but one which we see week after week.

Nick Clegg has just risen to his feet to make his contribution and the NoLab benches have almost emptied. I guess the fireworks are over.

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