Monday, 8 December 2008

Social Services

It is just coming from Sky News that Sharon Shoesmith the Head of Social Services for Haringey Council has been dismissed with immediate effect. I just wonder if that means she walks away without a compensation package? The sacking is of course the only decision that could be taken but somehow NoLab always appear to have another agenda. I wonder where she will pop up next.

Take the £73 million pound package that Ed Balls has announced to retrain the Social Services staff. He still doesn't get it! With the best will in the world the staff cannot look after the kids in a safe and sensible manner and abide by government targets.

The targets are the problem not the staff although I can understand how some of the younger ones who have not been brought up in an era where common sense was inbred and was passed down by both mother and father should probably be given additional support.

I am sure that they will not be trying to recruit older men women who have that common sense and who have brought up familes of their own. Their abhorrence of nonsensical targets which actually endanger the kids would make them unemployable by this government. What a mess!

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