Sunday, 28 December 2008

Derby County

I have really thought about this post but it has to be done. I understand that the Chief Executive and the Manager are mates but nowhere in British football would the record of Paul Jewell be tolerated. I understand that it is better to support the manager and give him time to build a team but he has been given huge amounts of cash and sufficient time to improve the club and at the end of the day we are crap!

He has brought fading players to the club who do not really want to play for Derby. His record in the transfer market is lamentable. Robbie Savage, Liam Dickinson, Tito Villa, all arrived at great cost to the club and must be regarded as failures. Others have actually done better but none of them have really set the club on fire and he has bought plenty.

Rob Hulse cost an estimated £1,7 million even though he was the fourth choice striker at rivals Sheffield United. Watford allowed Ellington to come on loan even though they are in the same league. Tito Villa apparently cost £2 million from an unknown Mexican team and now we are trying to offload him. Worst of all the club has invested an incredible £1,5 million the whole of the January transfer budget on one Luke Varney who in 19 appearances at rivals Charlton Athletic scored a paltry two goals!

I don't know what drew people like Paul Green and Chris Commons to Derby apart from large salaries but they are really not delivering. They were good players before they came to Derby but then what has happened? Nacer Barasite is a Dutch prodigy on loan from Arsenal but he struggles under Paul Jewell. Why? There are others but the sum up is that the manager cannot make these players produce results.

Even worse Tyrone Mears grabbed his boots and ran for Marseilles and Roy Carroll has been suspended for two weeks for 'debating'the decisions of his manager. It does not sound like a happy dressing room.

Just one bright spark on the horizon there is a young man called Stevie Davies who recently fractured an eye socket (how does that happen?) and appeared today really wanting to make an impression. So now we have Davies and Miles Addison. Have we any others who don't want to get relegated?

Sorry Mr Jewell it is time to go because your record is abysmal and the fans deserve a team that they can support. We all know that we are in the semi finals of the Carling Cup through luck and the end result could be almost as embarrassing as our year in the premiership, half of it under your stewardship. In fact you never won a game.

My worry is Forest Green Rovers! Will we lose to this non league team in the third round of the cup? You could almost bet on it!

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