Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Mumbai and Us!

We have never kept count on our immigrant population. The only political party who has ever advocated an accurate account on who enters our country are the BNP. They have been vilified and denegrated but as we follow the events in the world today are they really the villains of the piece.

The events that took place in Mumbai points to the fact that Pakistan is the world's pariah when it comes to world terrorism. Muslim kids from everywhere go to Pakistan for their training.

We have a huge population of Pakistani kids currently living in our country. If India and Pakistan ever decide to go to war and that is not beyond the bounds of belief where exactly do we stand? When my wife decides to go and do a bit of Christmas shopping in Leicester will one side or the other wave a flag of truce and let her through?

Yeh... but don't let me interfere with your immigration policy Jacqui! (You know Jacqui Smith..she is the Home Secretary.. commonly known as Jackboot Jacqui or Fat Jack but better as hopelessly out of her depth Jacqui).

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