Saturday, 20 December 2008

NoLab and your Vote

We ethnic English are living through incredible times. If someone had told my socialist father what was happening in the name of the Labour party then I am sure he would have taken to the hills and rebelled. Even more so my grandfather, who was a member of the Independent Labour Party in Motherwell which provided the conscientious objectors in World War One.

These are only a fraction of the reasons that I am so implacable in my opposition to the New Labour Party (NoLab). I was brought up with socialism as a cornerstone to my thinking but it never included the destruction of British Society. My father and grandfather never wanted a government imposing targets on Social Workers which would cause children to be tortured and killed.

My father and grandfather wanted first class education for their children which would compete with the private education enjoyed by the wealthy. Do you know they actually achieved it because I was educated in the 1950's and I passed my eleven plus and if I had been bright enough I could have gone to Oxford. A friend of mine did and he came from a council estate. It cost us nothing apart from the expense of the uniform.

My father and grandfather joined the Labour movement because they believed that it would endeavour to instill a better life for the working class. They wanted education for their children, a first class health service which we would all pay for and a fair society.

Look at what NoLab has brought us. They have corrupted the very beliefs of old styled socialists like my fatther and grandfather and I now believe that the Labour movement has been flawed from its very concept. The people who lauded it are the very same people who have brought it down. They don't want equality. They don't want fairness for the masses because people like Brown, Blair, Mandelsson, Hoon, Prescott, the Balls and all the rest only ever feather their own nests.

Look at the horrific Speaker. He is not one of you. He lives in luxury that you and I could never dream of and he has done it on the back of Union subscriptions.
Gorbals Mick now lives a life that he could never have contemplated and does he give a stuff for the people who voted for him. Heh get a life!

The Blairs? Remember them because since they sold us down the river to support George Bush in his Iraqi venture they have suddenly become property millionaires. Look at Mandelsson,look at Prescott, hell they have all feathered their own nests at
public expense. Cherie Blair even employed a fraudster to buy property for her.

I blog this to remind all of you so called socialists that you have been taken for the biggest ride since Alton Towers was constructed. Every union subscription that you pay just subsidises the life style of people like Peter Mandelsson and his Brazilian boyfriend! It makes you proud to be British doesn't it?

There are none so blind than the people who cannot see! Get real you traditional Labour voters. Your party is dead. They do not represent you. They only represent themselves. If you are happy with a life on the dole, with your kids being uneducated, no chance of dental health, no chance of prompt health care, no redress to the people who burgled your home or raped your daughter or hell... do I need to go on...then vote for the son of the Manse and his crew. I hope your family will feel proud of you when you sell your country down the river.

Next post will be why the Tories don't deserve your vote!

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