Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

I can hardly believe that it is Christmas Eve. That is the problem when one retires because the build up almost passes you by. Apart from buying presents and watching everyone else hurling themselves into the frazzle we old people can view it largely from afar!

The highlights will of course be watching my grandchildren opening their presents safe in the knowledge that they will once again have been vastly over indulged. I bet most of them would give it up for one of days in the countryside that I had as a kid when we roved around all day knowing that the streets were safe and that if we had a problem there was usually a policeman close at hand.

Still that is their lot now so we try and make it up in other ways.

I can hardly believe that this BLOG is nearly one year old. It began as a means to air my frustration at the modern day political world which was ruining or had ruined my country. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that 2008 would go down in history as an even worse year than the preceding ones under NoLab but of course it has.

This morning I watched a couple of items on BBC2 one of which highlighted the railways in the fifties when the country was sane. It was a world of steam engines, pipe smoking, woollen pullovers and working men with pride and dignity in doing a job well done. It is difficult to believe how far this country has fallen since those days.

Still I have done my little bit to filter through some common sense and let people, who don't normally read a paper or who haven't got the time to wade into politics, know just what is actually happening.

As you can see this is a no frills, no pictures BLOG but much to my utter surprise I have had 888 visitors so far this year. Now I know that some are repeat visitors but I just hope that I have made somebody think about what is going on. Thanks for passing by and Merry Christmas!

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