Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Queen

There has been considerable publicity given to the fact that the Queen questioned why nobody had forecasted the credit crunch. She was asking a quite reasonable question but as usual no answer was forthcoming. Now I realise that she has to remain above politics and quite rightly so but she is still our sovereign and she still apparently has a keen eye on the ball.

Recently NoLab, sorry The Speaker, decided to replace the Sergeant-at-Arms, the person responsible for security of the House of Commons with a relatively junior female Civil Servant. This is a position traditionally reserved for a military person of considerable seniority. The previous Sergeant Arms was Major General Grant Peterkin and it is no surprise that he clashed with a class warrior like our current Speaker.

After they replaced General Peterkin they apparently applied for an audience with Her Majesty for this nonentity from the Civil Service and it has now transpired that she refused.

Thank you Ma'am.

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