Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Banks

There is a report coming out of America that JP Morgan an American bank which has received a 25 billion dollar bail out from the American government is refusing to state where the money has gone. They are refusing to cooperate with any government intitiatives.

Is that not just why we should let one of these banks go to the wall? Northern Rock was a travesty of a bank but the people who caused the problem are not in prison because it was politically expedient to save them. Is it not time to stop this arrogance?

The banking industry has almost brought the country to its knees but I have not seen one person in a court of law for the sleaze, corruption, incompetence and greed which caused this once proud country to the point where the pound has collapsed and the stock market is a joke!

As a nation we are dying financially all because the nation's bankers got greedy. They still have not got the message. They have received billions from public funding but they are still rewarding themselves with their obscene bonuses.

This nation may never recover from the obscenities committed by our nations bankers who appear to be blackmailing us all. Once again the Labour government just sits back and supports them. It is time to stop this nonsense and rid us all from their greed. They have lost any semblance of respect. It is time to nationalise the nation's banks but who could run them? Alistair Darling? Gordon Brown? Oh well we are all going to hell in a hand cart so what does it matter?

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