Tuesday, 9 December 2008


The children in this country are lagging further and further behind kids from other countries in terms of genuine education. Over the past forty years there has been so much tinkering with the education system that the teaching profession have never had an opportunity to settle down and teach the kids.

In the last ten years they have been burdened by the similar government target system which has done a lot to make the jobs of Social workers almost impossible. They face league tables, OFSTED inspectors, SATS tests and exam bodies appointed by this government who were incapable of producing results on time. You would think that enough was enough but no, along comes the Ed Balls stooge with another cunning plan. This time they are going to abolish History and Geography in favour of more relevant modern subjects.

Well all I can say is that they might as well because as far as I can see our kids seem to have so little knowledge of traditional history and geography that the subjects are superfluous. The plain fact that they form the basis of general knowledge and are therefore the platform for advancement does not seem to matter.

No wonder we have a problem with our youth. They are spoon fed 'A' Star grades so that the lazy get lazier and the clever get disillusioned. What is the point of studying seriously when Britney and Peaches get 'A' grades for applying their lipstick! They may as well go out and get drunk or swallow drugs. Kids are not stupid! They know they are being short changed on education just as surely as they know who is carrying the nits into the school.

The children aged sixteen today could not tackle the arithmetic that I was doing at ten years of age. That is the indictment on an education system that under Ed Balls is failing so many of our children.

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