Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Economy

Today Guido Fawkes on his acerbic blog has a video of American actor/politician Fred Thompson discussing the economy and his government's attempt to borrow their way out of difficulty. It really is worth a look for those of you who have the time. In a jovial and roundabout manner he pours a Titanic size iceberg's worth of freezing cold water on the plan that borrowing more money is the solution to our problems.

As he argues the good thing is that the people who got us into this mess are now the same people in charge of getting us out of it so it is an advantage that they have experience. He also points out that it will be easy to get out of the mess because we are in charge of the printing presses so that we can just print more money. You may recall that on the 6th December I blogged about the amendment to the Banking Bill of 1844 where the government had rescinded the bit where they have to publish how much money they print every week. Why would they want to do that unless they didn't want the public to know how much they were printing.

In an amusing way this video is really quite chilling because he is destroying everything that Gordon Brown is proposing for this country. Gordon stands up announces that he is saving the world, tells the Tories and the Germans that they are idiots and he is the only one who is right and marches on possibly dragging us all into oblivion.

After all since the arrival of his masterplan, the Stock Market is in free fall, the pound has sunk like a stone, the housing market has stagnated, the motor industry is close to collapse and the banks are refusing to lend out any of the billions that Gordon gave to them! Good plan Gordo!

Just a final thought, this Christmas be extra nice to the kids because poor little mites have no idea what is in store for them in the years ahead.

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