Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Are the American People living in Fear?


Since I began to receive a 'trending' feed from the very large 'Before It's News' website I am viewing 'Uncle Sam' through entirely different eyes. I cannot quite comprehend whether I am reading a series of articles intent on scaremongering or if there is such a social and political problem in the States that much of the public have a genuine fear of the future.

Let me give you a cross section of stories to illustrate the point. For some time now there have been rumours that President Obama has problems relating to his birth which could have made him ineligible for the Presidency. Here is a story exposing some shabby behaviour.

Lots of doubts have been cast about Obama's suitability for President and how the National Debt has grown four times as fast under Obama rather than under Clinton or Bush. This web site is like a giant octopus because no matter where you look, or under which theme you search, the stories just multiply. I cannot help smile because just after Obama was elected I did warn you (05 Nov 2008)!

The stories generally uncover criminality, suspicion or corruption but in addition they convey fear of the future. There is a trending theme that the public are about to enter a period where they will suffer irrevocable damage inflicted on them by the corporatocracies and the Political Class, you can find it here and here and here and these are but token examples.

The reason that I have highlighted these examples is that there is a theory that what happens in the States arrives on our doorstep a few years later and already we are (usually in hushed terms) beginning to discuss similar fears. Everywhere in our society there are basic injustices and it almost entirely emanates from the EU.

I said prior to the last General Election that we should use it as our final chance to have a referendum on our membership of the European Union. We could have all voted UKIP and ensured our return to independence. Most of you did not and look what you got?Believe me nothing else really matters because once we are out of it we will be awash with cash which currently disappears down a large black hole.

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